Conference Terms and Conditions

A word of introduction 

  1. Who are we and how can you contact us? 

We are JIC, zájmové sdružení právnických osob, IČO: 711 80 478, with registered office at Purkyňova 649/127, Medlánky, 612 00 Brno, registered in the Federal Register maintained by the Regional Court in Brno under the file number L 19606. Through our website you can register for our Velvet Innovation Conference which we hold annually (we refer to this website as the "website" and the Velvet Innovation Conference as the "conference"). If you register for the conference, we act as a service provider to you and you act as a customer to us. 

If you want to help with anything, you can contact us here: 

  • phone number: +420 725 706 413 

  • e-mail address: 

  • data box: Cy3ggku 

  • mailing address: JIC, zájmové sdružení právnických osob, Purkyňova 649/127, Medlánky, 612 00 Brno. 

  1. Who are you? 

You are a customer who has registered for the conference as either: 

  • consumer; consumers are persons who wish to attend the conference for their personal use outside of their business and profession, or 

  • anyone else = legal persons and businesspeople who have registered for the conference for the purpose of their business or professional activity. 

If you are a consumer, you have specific rights under consumer protection legislation. We inform you of these rights further in the Conference Terms and Conditions. 

  1. What are these Conference Terms and Conditions? 

These Conference Terms and Conditions are a binding legal document which forms an integral part of the conference participation agreement between you and us based on your order on the website (from now on we refer to the Conference Terms and Conditions as “Terms”). The Terms govern the mutual rights and obligations of you as the customer and us as the provider. 

An integral part of these Terms is also the Complaints Procedure, which is an annexed to these Terms and is binding on us and you. 

  1. Can we agree on any other terms than those in the Terms? 

Yes, we can also agree individually in a separate agreement concluded e.g. via e-mail. Our individual agreements prevail over these Terms. 

How can we conclude a conference participation agreement together? 

  1. The conference participation agreement is a contract between you and us in which we agree to allow you to attend the conference, including arranging the programme and speakers or similar persons to guide you through the conference, and you agree to abide by the rules of conduct at the conference and to pay us the conference fee.  

  1. You can conclude the agreement with us via the order form on our website, or in special cases individually via e-mail. 

  1. We want you to know everything you need to know about our services before you order. However, please note that the presentation of our services on the website does not constitute a binding offer to conclude the agreement (this expressly excludes sect. 1732(2) of Act No. 89/2012 Coll., the Civil Code). Even if you send us your order, we are not yet obliged to conclude an agreement with you and provide you with the service. There may be more reasons for not concluding. In particular, it may happen that the capacity of the conference is reached. We also do not appreciate it if you have materially breached your obligations to us in the past. 

  1. To order a ticket for the conference, follow the instructions on the website. In practice, all you need to do is to provide us with the required information in the order form, agree to these Terms and submit your order. You will agree to the Terms either by clicking on the agree button or by continuing with your order, whichever consent option is available on the website. 

  1. We handle the orders via a platform Happenee operated by Happenee s.r.o., Baštýřská 142, Hostavice, ID no. 04216202, post code 198 00 Praha 9, Czech Republic. Use of the Happenee platform can be governed by different terms for the use of their platform. Find the terms via  You can also contact Happenee via the form available here:  

  1. In the order form, you will fill in information necessary for the registration for the conference and agree to the Terms. By clicking on the "[Buy]" button after completing the order form, you are sending us an agreement proposal and committing to payment if we confirm the agreement proposal (from now on referred to as "order"). You will receive an order confirmation to your e-mail address filled in the order form, which is a binding acceptance of your proposal to conclude the agreement, together with the text form of these Terms. Once you receive our order confirmation, the agreement is concluded. Without delay after your order confirmation, you will receive an electronic ticket to the conference to the same email. 

  2. The agreement is concluded in English. The agreement and all its components (mainly your order, the Terms and the Complaints Procedure) will be stored in the safety of our electronic archive. If you are a consumer, we will make this information available to you upon your written request. A written request includes an e-mail. 
  3. By agreeing to these Terms, you agree to use remote means of communication to conclude the agreement. Under such a fancy name, imagine a computer, tablet or telephone. Especially with internet. The cost of using these means is covered by you as part of your normal payments for telephone, internet, etc. 

  4. You can only attend the conference after you have paid the total price. 

What are the conditions for paying the conference price? 

  1. By price, we mean the price of the conference as shown on your order and which you have agreed to pay by entering into the agreement. The price shown on the order form is the final price inclusive of added tax and all charges, you will not pay one cent more or less. Prices are valid for the period of time they are displayed to you on the website. Promotional prices are valid for the period we specify. Unless we specify otherwise on the website, you cannot combine the price discounts provided.  

  1. However, the price does not include accommodation costs at the conference venue, conference-related transport costs or your personal costs associated with attending the conference. 

  1. You will pay the price for the conference ticket straightaway, no later than 24 hours after receiving the order confirmation. If we do not offer another payment option in the order form, you will pay the price by online card payment via the portal operated by s.r.o., with registered office at Štefánikova 836/1, Veveří, ID no: 03686515, post code 602 00 Brno. If necessary, you can contact Pays via contacts available at:

  1. If you do not pay the price within the set period of time, we take it that you have cancelled the agreement (withdrawn from it) and the agreement is cancelled. 

How many tickets can you purchase and how to change them?  

  1. During one order process, you can purchase only one ticket in the name of a particular person. 

  1. If, for any reason on your part or part of the attendant for whom you purchased the ticket, you are unable to attend the conference and would like to pass the purchased ticket on to someone else, please contact us via email at and we will transfer your ticket to the name of the person to whom you will be passing the ticket. However, the contractual relationship between us and this other person is still governed by your order, these Terms and the complaints procedure. You can change the name of the participant on the ticket up to 3 working days before the conference. 

  1. If you would like to order more tickets at once, or you have a special request, please contact us at We are more than happy to help you with anything. 

How will the conference be held? 

  1. The conference will be held in person at the time and place specified in the order and conference description, or in the conference change information email if we change the time or place. We will ensure that it is properly organised to run as scheduled. 

  1. You will see the conference programme in the description of the conference at the time of booking and we will also send it to you by e-mail in good time before the planned date of the conference, usually with the confirmation of the booking. 

  1. At the conference, you are obliged to respect the instructions of the organizers, to follow the set conference programme if your participation in the programme is required, not to disturb the course and conduct of the conference and not to damage the property in the conference premises, the health of persons in the conference premises and the interests of JIC. 

  1. You are responsible for the things you bring to the conference. We (JIC) are not responsible for the things you bring to the conference. We are also not liable for any damage caused to you on the conference premises by a third party (e.g. a conference attendee) or by yourself. 

  1. Rules of the conference  

  • We (JIC) are not responsible for any damage, loss, theft or other deterioration of the information or resources needed to attend the conference that we have already provided to you (e.g. electronic tickets) and in such a case we are not obliged to provide you with replacement information or resources to attend the conference. 

  • You acknowledge that we (JIC) are not responsible for the content, quality or benefit of the conference to you. Our performance does not include the provision of business opportunities, networking or other similar services and we are not responsible for any business relationships entered into between individual attendees or the conference organisers. 

How can you complain about the conference? 

  1. The Terms of the conference complaint can be found in the Complaints Procedure, which is an annex and an integral part of these Terms. 

What are the conditions for changes and cancellations? 

  1. Conference change. We may change the date, venue, programme, and speakers. If you are not a consumer, for whatever reason. If you are a consumer, we may change the conference in this way if for objective reasons it is not possible to hold the conference on the date or at the venue. In particular, we may be prevented from doing so by a force majeure obstacle, a speaker who is unable to attend the conference date for a reason not attributable to us, a venue that has unexpectedly become unsuitable to host the conference (e.g. the statics of the building have broken down), or the basic capacity of the conference has not been met.  

  1. Conference change. We will inform you of the proposed change to the conference by e-mail specified in the order at least 10 days before the original date of the conference, if objectively possible, otherwise immediately after discovering the fact that we have to change the conference. You may refuse to change the conference within 5 days of the date of receipt of the conference change proposal or, if we notify you of the conference change 5 days or less before the conference, within 24 hours before the conference. If you do not refuse the change within this time period, we will assume that you agree to the conference change. If you reject the conference change within this period, we will refund the conference price paid within 14 days of receiving your rejection of the conference change to the account from which you paid the conference price. 

  1. Cancellation of the conference by us (JIC). If you are a consumer, we may cancel the conference if for objective reasons it is not possible to hold the conference on that date. In particular, there may be an obstacle of force majeure (e.g. wars, epidemics, diseases, natural disasters, decisions of a public authority. If you are not a consumer, we may cancel the conference at any time and for any reason. If we cancel the conference, we will promptly notify you of the cancellation at the email address provided in your order. Upon receipt of the notice, we withdraw from the agreement (the agreement ends). We will refund the price paid for the conference ticket within 14 days of receipt of the cancellation notice to the account from which you paid for the conference. 

  1. Consumer's inability to withdraw from the agreement without giving a reason within 14 days.  If you are a consumer, please note that the conference is a use of your free time at a specific time or date. For this reason, according to Section 1837(j) of the Civil Code (Act No. 89/2012 Coll.), you are not legally entitled to withdraw from the agreement without giving a reason within 14 days of the conclusion of the agreement. However, you may cancel the order under the conditions we have set out below. 

  1. Cancellation of the order by you without giving a reason. You may cancel your conference order without reason and thereby withdraw from the agreement with the right to a refund up to 14 days before the scheduled start of the conference. Please send your cancellation to the e-mail address of the JIC’s contact person indicated in the conference description or to the e-mail address indicated in the contact details at the beginning of these Terms. You can also cancel your order via the link we have sent you by email. If you cancel your order within the cancellation period, we will promptly send you an e-mail confirming the cancellation and a corrected tax receipt (credit note) if you have been issued with a proper tax receipt. We will refund the total price of the conference within 14 days of the date on which you sent us the cancellation notice to the account from which you paid the conference price.  

  1. Cancellation of the order by you without giving a reason. If you do not cancel your order on time and do not attend the conference for any reason on your part, we will not refund the price of the conference or any other consideration you have provided to us. 

  2. Withdrawal from the agreement by you for legal reasons. You can withdraw from the agreement in other cases where the Civil Code or another law gives you this right. In particular, if we materially breach our obligations as a provider, due to delay on our part or defective performance. 
  3. Withdrawal from the agreement by us for legal reasons. Like you, we have the right to withdraw from the agreement for the reasons set out in the Civil Code. Especially in the event of a material breach of your obligations. If you are not a consumer, we always have the right to withdraw from the agreement if you are in default of payment of the conference price, if you enter into insolvency or liquidation, if your property is declared bankrupt or if the bankruptcy petition is rejected for lack of assets.  

How we process your personal data? 

  1. Information on how we process your personal data can be found here []. This information is not part of the agreement and is not binding. They are mainly for your information so that you know what we can do with your personal data. 

How can we communicate with each other and what are the delivery rules? 

  1. Unless we have agreed a specific method of communication with you, any communication between us in which we may create, amend or cancel the agreement will be in accordance with this article of the Terms. Specifically, the following methods of communication will be used: personal delivery, delivery by registered mail, courier service or electronic mail to the addresses we have notified each other in writing. 

  1. You may contact us by telephone, but we will not enter into, amend or cancel the agreement with you over the telephone. This means that neither you nor we will commit to anything over the phone. 

  1. When are the documents delivered? 

  • on the date of physical delivery of the notice if the document is sent by courier or postal service provider (except by registered post) or delivered by hand; or  

  • on the date of delivery as confirmed on the delivery receipt, if the document is sent by registered post and if it is actually delivered; or  

  • upon the expiration of a period of 10 days from the deposit of the notice at the relevant post office, if the document sent by the postal service provider fails to be delivered or if the receipt of the document is refused (by you or by us, as the case may be).  

  1. Emails are delivered when the email message is sent from the email inbox. This does not apply if the addressee of the message proves that the message did not reach their disposal without their fault. 

A word at the end 

  1. The legal relations between us and you arising out of the agreement shall be governed by the law of the Czech Republic with the exclusion of rules of private international law. We expressly exclude the application of the UN Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. This choice of law is without prejudice to the rights of you as a consumer which may arise from the legal system which would otherwise apply to our legal relationship. Any disputes arising out of the agreement will be settled exclusively before the courts of the Czech Republic having jurisdiction over JIC's registered office. This choice of court jurisdiction does not apply to consumers. 

  1. Agreements entered into in accordance with these Terms may only be amended (by us and you) by written agreement (including by email). If any provision of the Terms is or becomes invalid or ineffective, the invalid provision will be replaced by a provision whose meaning is as close as possible to the invalid or ineffective provision. The invalidity or ineffectiveness of one provision shall not affect the validity of the other provisions. 

  1. We are not bound by any code of conduct within the meaning of Section 1826(1)(e) of the Civil Code. 

  1. As customers, you assume the risk of a change of circumstances within the meaning of Section 1765 paragraph 2 of the Civil Code. This does not apply to consumers. 

  1. If you have any problem, we would be happy if you would first discuss it with us. Just contact us by any means. If you are a consumer and wish to resolve any disputes out of court, you can contact an out-of-court dispute resolution body. This is, for example, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority at Alternatively, you can resolve your dispute online via the EU's Online Dispute Resolution platform (ODR platform) at

We apply these Terms to all agreements we enter into with customers from the date of 9.5.2023. 



annex to the Conference Terms and Conditions  

How can you complain about the conference? 

  1. Here you can find out how you can complain about a defective conference and what you are entitled to. We hope you will never have to use our Complaints Procedure. But what if you do, right? Of course, you can also email or call us at +420 725 706 413 and we'll advise you on how to proceed. We are here for you. 

  2. Our and your rights and obligations with regard to rights of defective performance are governed by the applicable generally binding regulations (in particular Sections 1914 to 1925 of the Civil Code).  

What is a defect and what are we liable for? 

  1. We shall be liable to you for the fact that the performance (securing participation in the conference) according to the Terms is not defective at the time of its provision. This means that it does not correspond to the agreement, i.e. to what we have agreed. In particular, the provision of a performance that does not have the specified or agreed characteristics is defective. It is also a defect if we do not warn you of defects that the object of performance has, even though such defects do not normally occur in the object of performance, or if we assure you that the object of performance has no defects or is fit for a particular purpose, even though it has defects or is not fit for that purpose. 

Until when can you file a complaint about the conference and what are you entitled to? 

  1. If the defect in our performance is removable, you have the right to: 

  • either require the performance or what is missing (the unprovided part of the service) to be repaired, or  

  • demand a reasonable discount on the price. 

  1. If the defect in performance is irremovable and it is not possible to use the service according to the agreement with us, you have the right: 

  • either withdraw from the agreement, or 

  • demand a reasonable discount. 

  1. You must report the defect without undue delay after you have had the opportunity to discover the defect, but no later than 6 months from the date we provided the service to you (i.e. the end of the conference). 

What to do if you want to file a complaint about the conference? 

  1. We will need your cooperation in order to settle the complaint. Please contact us and tell us: 

  • what the service defect is and how it manifests itself, 
  • what right you claim from the defective performance (whether you want to remove the defect, withdraw from the agreement or want a discount according to the rules set out in the previous article), 

  • what is your name and address, or what is your name, registration number and registered office (ideally include phone and email so we can contact you more quickly). 

  1. You can contact us by any means available. The best way is to call us at +420 725 706 413 or send an email to, so that we can communicate as quickly as possible. But of course, it is up to you which way you prefer. 

  2. As soon as we receive a complaint from you, our emergency crew will rush to resolve it as quickly as possible.  

  3. At first, you will have to pay the cost of the complaint. However, we will reimburse you when we have established that the fault is ours. Bear in mind that we do not own the gold mine, so we will only reimburse you for the reasonable costs of the accepted complaint. So, make sure you ask for it as soon as possible. 

  4. If you have a problem with how we handle your complaint, we would be happy if you would first discuss it with us. Just contact us by any means. If you are a consumer and wish to resolve any disputes out of court, you can contact an out-of-court dispute resolution body. This is, for example, the Czech Trade Inspection Authority at 

  5. And of course, you also have the right to go to court. For example, if you are not satisfied with the way we have handled your complaint, or perhaps not handled it. 

How long will it take us to deal with the complaint? 

  1. If you are a consumer, we guarantee that we will deal with your complaint within 30 days from the moment you have filed the complaint, unless we agree to a longer period. After this period has expired, you may withdraw from the agreement or claim a reasonable discount. If you are not a consumer, we will try to do everything within the same time limits, but we do not guarantee a maximum shortest time.  

  2. First of all, we will confirm to you as a consumer when you made the complaint, what the content of the complaint is, what method of complaint handling you demand and what contact details you have given us to provide information about the handling of your complaint. Once everything is done, you will receive from us the date and method of handling the complaint, including confirmation of the repair and how long it will takeé, all in black and white. If we are unable to accept your complaint, we will not hide the reasons from you. On the contrary, we will explain everything as clearly as possible. For non-consumer agreement, we are not obliged to record the complaint procedure in this detail. However, if you wish to do so, we will certainly work something out.  

When are we not liable for defects? 

Although we will always do our best to accommodate you, in some cases it is not fair for us to rectify defects for which we are not responsible. Therefore, in particular, we are not liable for defects in the service if: 

  1. you caused the defect or are liable for causing it;  

  2. you already knew before the service was provided that the service had a defect and agreed to the defect. 

A word at the end 

So, we are at the end. We apply this Complaints Procedure to all agreement we enter into with customers from 9.5.2023.